ClickMatch is a local Rhode Island business that's been on the web since 1995. It started as Victim Graphics, morphed into Grfx Interactive, then became ClickMatch in the early 2000s. The name may have changed over the years, but the idea was always the same: create dynamic websites with useful interfaces and customize it to the customer's specifications.

A site designed by ClickMatch will be a custom site. It will be unique to your business and tailored to your specifications. Templates and regurgitated layouts are used elsewhere, but not here.

  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Databases (MSSQL)
  • Programming in jQuery and ASP.NET


Coletta's Garage

colettas.com Features:
  • Custom home page
  • Metal accents and blended colors with truck design/logo
  • Launched: March 2013

Mansions and Manors

mansionsandmanors.com Features:
  • Property Database
  • Rental Database
  • Blog connected via twitter
  • Instant search filters
  • Custom full screen image viewer
  • Launched: May 2012

MLA Capital Partners LLC

mlacapital.com Features:
  • Brand new site inspired by existing marketing materials
  • Image rotator on home page
  • Investor log in area
  • Launched: April 2012

Tourmappers Image Gallery

tourmappers.com Features:
  • Worked with existing design to make a client area image gallery
  • Live demo not available due to log in required
  • User clicks on a map or state name to view properties
  • Properties have thumbnail links to high res images
  • Also converted old html site to asp.net 4.0 with master pages
  • Launched: April 2012

Acropolis Management Services

amsnewengland.com Features:
  • Full site redesign with new look and feel
  • Rental Property Database
  • Banner graphics and logo treatment
  • Launched: Mar 2012

Capstone Properties, Inc.

capstone-properties.com Features:
  • New corporate look and feel
  • Customized two-part image slider
  • Interactive news page
  • 3-column newspaper layout
  • Multi-faceted home page for quick access to information
  • Launched: Mar 2012

Providence Indoor Paintball

providencepaintball.com Features:
  • Logo design
  • Reservation system
  • News database
  • Persistent menu when users scroll down the page
  • Image Slider
  • Launched: Feb 2012

Calare Properties, Inc.

calare.com Features:
  • Persistent animated navigation beyond the splash screen (single page design)
  • News database
  • Launched: Jul 2011

Atmed Occupational Medicine

atmedocc.com Features:
  • Streamlined design
  • On-site photography taken for use on the website
  • Launched: Early 2011

North Providence Medical Center

npmed.net Features:
  • Logo Design/Treatment
  • Health tips accordion
  • Doctor Bios in lightbox window
  • Launched: Early 2011

ParaSearch, Inc.

para-search.com Features:
  • Logo Design
  • Custom tabbed slider on home page
  • Two email contact forms
  • Drop down menus
  • Launched: Mid 2010

Gidley, Sarli & Marusak

  • Styled site with cut out photography


In terms of programming, the sky's the limit. Need your site content managed with CMS? Need eCommerce? Need a custom app for a particular business process or need? Look no further. Some apps are already created and waiting to be customized for you.

App Examples:
  • User Login/Management Backend
  • News
  • Reservations
  • Client file sharing
  • Property Management



Snowfall Plugin: Jason Brown
Winter, Green Leaf & Rivet Background: All Free Backgrounds
Autumn Leaves & Flowers: Fuzzimo